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LNPay enables you to integrate the Lightning Network into your existing business

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The Complete Toolkit for the Lightning Network

The LNPay Wallet API helps you get started building LAPPs. We make it easy to integrate the Lightning Network integration into your existing business.

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LNPay for LAPPs


Our in-house LAPPs include Paywalls, Faucets, Gifts, and the Satmailer. All of our LAPPs are geared toward helping you increase conversion and boosting your business KPIs. The data and analytics you are familiar with in traditional web business coupled with Lightning Network stats provides powerful actionable data.

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Build LAPP MVPs fast and easy with LNURL

Easy to learn & use

The WalletAPI acts as easy account functionality for your LAPP or project with no need to recreate all of the basic accounting functions required for users to have a Lightning Wallet in your service.

Leverage industry expertise

Let LNPay deal with the nitty gritty of maintaining balance history, liquidity, send / receive functionality.

Let us implement protocol features

LNURL protocol, keysend, static invoices, we keep up and build it into our API so you don't have to.

Node Dashboard

Simple to use, few technical skills needed.

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Easy to integrate with powerful functionality.

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