Wallet API

The LNPay Wallet API is a flexible accounting layer between your app and the Lightning Network. Enable LAPPs, web based services, and Point of Sale, and ATM hardware to take advantage of the Lightning Network.

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Build LAPP MVPs fast and easy with outsourced wallets

Easy to learn & use

The WalletAPI acts as easy account functionality for your LAPP or project with no need to recreate all of the basic accounting functions required for users to have a Lightning Wallet in your service.

Extensive functionality

Let LNPay deal with the nitty gritty of maintaining balance history, liquidity, send / receive functionality.

Global reach with one tool

Balances, transaction history, logs, analytics, lnurl-withdraw, keysend, etc. all flow from the wallet.

Get started instantly

Activate the power of the Lightning Network right from the dashboard and start integrating micropayments into your app instantly.


Give your users the power of Lightning Network

Let LNPay handle the heavy lifting of a Lightning Network integration into your app.

  • Balances
  • Analytics
  • Transaction History
  • Send/Receive
  • lnurl, lnurl-withdraw
  • Keysend

Easy for developers to Integrate

LNPay’s own LAPPs run off the WalletAPI - full service functionality is available for advanced integrations. webhooks, helper libraries, wallet permissions, etc. are all provided and documented.

  • Webhooks
  • Event History
  • Logs
  • Helper Libraries


Activate the power of the Lightning Network like these companies.


Stekking uses the LNPay Wallet API to provide elegant satsback solutions to users.

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Bitcoin Words

WORDS Bitcoin Journal integrates paywalls and faucets into emails to engage customers and take donations via integrated QR Lightning Network invoices.

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Podfriend allows users to stream sats to podcasters with the LNPay keysend feature.

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