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Our mission is to increase the GDP Lightning Network.

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Official release tweet of paywall.link

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@TheCryptoconomy Interview

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Lightning Hood Weekly Round-up

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Paywalls demoed at BitDevs NYC

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Paywall.link Pitch for Radar Pitch Competition Bitcoin 2019

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We’re always looking to chat anything related to bitcoin or lightning, from ideas to including technical help.

Reach out! @LNPAYco on Twitter or via email at: contact@lnpay.co

Frequently asked questions

The Lightning Network is a very young and new technology built on the Bitcoin network. We are trying to communicate how LNPay is relevant to you as clear as possible.

What is LNURL?

LNURL is a specification that outlines guidelines for services (like LNPay) to interact with wallets (like Wallet of Satoshi, BlueWallet, Breez) to create great user experiences.

Is LNPay a payment processor?

LNPay is not a payment processor. The Lightning Network processes payments and takes fees for such.

What are the fees?

Lightning Network routing fees must be paid by the user. LNPay does not take any fee or cut of transactions.

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